use 600-750 words in your Discussion Essay.

How did the way Virginia was founded and organized affect its later participation in the founding of the Independent nation of the United States? Use The House of Burgess Proceedings, The Declaration of Independence, Richard Henry Lee’s Resolution for Independence, (All located at the end of Module 1 Instructor Comment) as well as one or more secondary sources of your choice, referencing your sources using MLA in-text citation. You may also use information about and the text of the Constitution of the United States in your essay as well as the Kentucky Resolutions, the Virginia Resolutions, and the text from Washington’s Newburg Address. Place the Word Count at the end of your paper and include a separate MLA Works Cited. Be sure to use at least 3 primary sources and at least one secondary source.

Use MLA format and include in-text citations and a Works Cited for both the essay and response. Include your word count. Each paragraph must be supported by at least one source.

– please its really important to address the question that I have posted in my discussion .

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describe sample1;

describe sample2;

select * from sample1;

select * from sample2;

select sample2.name, city, amount FROM sample2, sample1
where sample2.name = sample1.custname AND industrytype = “B”;

select salesperson from sample2, sample1
where sample2.name = sample1.custname and city = “Manchester”
order by salesperson asc;

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Please note that each and every assignment has its own word limit.

Describe the characteristics and design of a cohort study. Based on a disease or health condition identified from the “2020 LHI Topics” on the Healthy People 2020 website, discuss a real example of a cohort study (include the link to the article in your post to the forum). Include the participants, exposures or treatment groups, timeframe, and outcomes that were measured. Why is a cohort study described as an “observational” study rather than an “experimental” study design?


PLEASE add the links/sites below to the reference list if you use any of these readings and make sure everything is in proper APA format.


Read Chapters 7-9 in Gordis Epidemiology.



View “Randomized Control Trials and Confounding,” by Martin (2013), located on the YouTube website.



Read “2020 LHI Topics,” located on the Healthy People 2020 website.



Complete the “Multicausality: Confounding – Assignment,” by Schoenbach (2001), located on the Epidemilog.netwebsite.



Refer to the “Multicausality: Confounding – Assignment Solutions,” by Schoenbach (2001), located on the Epidemilog.netwebsite, to check your answers to the assignment.



Read “Understanding Controlled Trials: Why Are Randomized Controlled Trials Important?” by Sibbald and Roland, from British Medical Journal (1998).



MUST have at least three citations with the page numbers and three references in APA format and all questions clearly answered in paragraphs.(The List of References should not be older than 2016 and should not be included in the word count.)

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

It is important that you cover all the topics identified in the assignment. Covering the topic does not mean mentioning the topic BUT presenting an explanation from the context of ethics and the readings for this class

To get maximum points you need to follow the requirements listed for this assignments 1) look at the word/page limits 2) review and follow APA rules 3) create subheadings to identify the key sections you are presenting and 4) Free from typographical and sentence construction errors.


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Rudolf Clausius

“Five Equations that Changed the World”

Read the chapter on Rudolf Clausius (An Unprofitable Experience) from “Five Equations that Changed the World.”Based on your reading, answer the following questions.

  • Prologue.Describe the dramatic event in Clausius’s life that sets the tone for what is to follow.In what way did this event affect his future life?
  • Veni.How did Clausius come to get interested in his subject?Address any important historical, religious, or scientific issues that had a bearing.
  • Vidi.Explain the historical background of the discovery.
  • Vici.How did Clausius conquer the mystery and find his equation?
  • Epilogue.How did Clausius’s Second Law of Thernodynamics change the world?What were the ethical/spiritual consequences of his discovery?

Word count:800– 1000 words (about 3 – 4 pages).

Format:Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, page numbers.

please dont use any other source except the book i provided

no wikipidia

no copying

cite the page numbers please

follow MLA style

I attached the book you should only use it

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My Job :QA automation engineer and how this subject related to it

: A reflection on Personal Development in IT field

As IT professionals our major goal is to become successful in the areas of IT in which we have chosen to specialize in. You are asked to conduct Internet research in these areas of specialization in terms of skills required, available opportunities, salaries, promotions, etc. In light of what you have accomplished in your field, you are asked to design a short term plan (2-3 years) that you can put in place to ensure your success in your profession. You may opt to list and describe the specific items that you believe must be completed in order to achieve your professional goals.

As always, make sure there is a connection between what you are sharing and the review of the literature. In this way, your reader can validate what you have researched. Also, be sure to apply APA style.

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I want a response essay on (“fromHunger of Memoryby Richard Rodriguez (Norton1574-1591); “Little Colombia, Jackson Heights,” from Latin Moon in Manhattanby Jamie Manrique (Norton1730-1737)”)

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Complete the ergonomic calculator for analyzing lifting operations to determine if the weight lifted is greater than the lifting limit. You should note the lifting limit in comparison to the weight lifted. Use the WISHA Lifting calculator (XLSM – Ergo-Plus).

After completing the assessment, upload a copy of your assessment and submit it for this assignment. The following information is provided for the case.

The product is brought into the trailers on a pallet via forklift. It is the job of the loader to depalletize the product and stack it within the trailer as the organization’s pallets remain at the facility. The employees load various pine-wood furniture products that are boxed. Product sizes can vary in shape and weights. The depalletizing job selected for the analysis, includes boxes that consist of short end panels for bunk bed units. The boxes measure 43” (l) x 38” (w) x 6” (h). The weight of each box is 37 pounds. Use the additional case information data to complete the assessment.

Case Information



Width of item

38 inches

Weight of load

37 lbs

Starting load position (inches away from body)

13.5 inches*

Ending load position

23 inches

Starting load height

5 inches from ground

Ending load height

49 inches


6 lifts per minute


>2 hours

Body twisting angle

0 degrees @ origin

0 degrees @ destination



Distance carried

12 feet

*Horizontal distance between ankle and lifting object

13.5 inches = from ankle to midpoint of hands, which were held at differing locations on product. One at left corner, the other in the hand-hole in the box at 19”.

For this assignment, calculate the risk at the origin and the destination and upload the results of the highest calculated risk.

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Directions



Please list your name at the top right of the page. Use only size 12 font with 1” margins. Double-space the document. Citations should be numbered and placed in two sections. The first section should include the five articles related to theory. The second section should include the five other articles. Alphabetize each section and separate the sections with section headers.

Format the paper in two sections, including headings for each section. See example below:

Theoretical Framework Articles

Include theoretical framework articles and number them 1 – 5 before the citation.

General Exercise Psychology Articles

Include general articles here and number them 6 – 10 before each citation.

Please place an electronic copy in the appropriate assignment folder in D2L by April 12th, no later than 10:00 p.m.

Remember to use this information. Here is the link to all of the info: http://libguides.ggc.edu/exercisepsych

At least FIVE of the articles chosen should integrate a theoretical framework in the study presented. These articles should be placed in the first section of the annotated bibliography.

You should list the article as a citation in APA format and then write a concise paragraph of the information contained in the article. Be pithy and to the point. Tell me the purpose of the study, the population examined, a summary of the methodology, and what the researchers found. Include a synopsis of your critique of the article and the potential application of the article. Keep it simple. Make sure you are mindful of spelling and grammar and that you use complete sentences.

The bibliography should be numbered and listed in alphabetical order according the first author in the reference for each section.

APA style citation: Make sure that you use a hanging indent with each citation and that it is numbered followed by your short summary (see example below). *Note: Do not list how you found the article, such as Google scholar, PubMed, EbscoHost. If you are in doubt please use this link or use the APA manual: http://library.williams.edu/citing/styles/apa.php

Articles in Exercise Psychology using Theoretical Frameworks

1.Combs, P.A., Stone, A., & Freo, L. (2011). Applying the social cognitive theory to exercise and sport. Journal of Psychological Learning, 24(4), 183-194.

Summary of the article is here, followed by the critique and the application components of the assignment. Please use separate paragraphs for each part addressed.

Exercise Psychology Articles

2.Barnes, T.C. & Zebra, O.L. (2009). Exercise and sport. Journal of Psychology, 19(1), 67-75.

Summary of the article is here, followed by the critique and the application components of the assignment. Please use separate paragraphs for each part addressed.

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Need these 24 questions answered

2. What is the difference between Shotgun Approach Vs Rifle Approach?

3. What is the Strategic Plan of a business? How often should it be updated?

4. If a company has pursued 25 projects in 2018 and won 9 projects, what is their “Win-rate” for the year?

5. When tracking your marketing efforts mention a few tactics that can be used to track the level of marketing activity.

6. You have been asked to lead an effort to develop the company’s strategic plan. Who will you invite to be a part of the strategic planning process?

7. How does the Pareto Principle applies to the business development process and strategic plan?

8. List at least 3 methodologies for developing your marketing budget (Budgeting for Business Acquisition”).

9. What are the two types of selection process most commonly seen for Design-Build projects?

10. What is qualitative research? Give an example.

11. What is differentiation? Provide an example how a company can differentiate itself from its competitors.

12. What is Primary research versus Secondary research? Provide an example of each.

13. From the Project Deliveries discussed in class which one offers the highest level of collaboration and team integration? Why?

14. What is the difference between competitor intelligence and competitor analysis?

15. What is quantitative research? Give an example.

16. When implementing a marketing plan organizations can face a wide variety of challenges. Name at least 4 of them.

17. What is the relationship between project delivery methods and commercial approach (Risk)? Mention two examples regarding how they could affect the business development and pursuit strategy.

18. Provide two (2) examples of a product or service for each of the following stages of its life cycle:

Example 1

Example 2









19. Cortes Construction Company was a local $5 million contractor that was dependent upon 3 key repeat clients for the majority of its work.

Problem: Cortes construction sales have leveled off for the past three years. It was known only among its clients. Moreover, aggressive competition was pursuing his existing clients. What strategy would you recommend?

20. As we look at the marketing mix, what are the four P’s? Give an example of each using the design and construction industry.

21. When gathering competitor intelligence (CI) what are at least four things one would like to know?

22. What are the four (4) basic functions of management?

23. What are the 4 phases of the “Winning Business Development Process?” Why are they important?

24. What are the five (5) parts to a Strategic Plan?

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This discussion assignment focuses on Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt as presidents. You are to read Chapters 10 and 11 in the text, read the lectures on Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and watch the videos on these presidents.

You are then to write a description of your presidency as becoming either Theodore Roosevelt OR Franklin Roosevelt. You are going to show how Theodore Roosevelt created the modern office of the presidency through his domestic and foreign policy and Franklin Roosevelt created our modern system of government through his New Deal programs of relief, recovery and reform.

Finally you are going to tell which of these two presidents would be rated higher in your opinion and why. And agree or disagree with TWO students with their opinions here. Good luck on this fifth discussion assignment

The text book : https://filebin.net/hhv5id8wldhi95k5

I already upload the lectures here !

The videos :

1st video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBpfih7w4B8&feature=youtu.be

2nd video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_lc4th0w7I&feature=emb_title

3rd video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLOhByiwdfE&feature=emb_title

4th video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leEzIA6B_hc&feature=emb_title

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