How to Study in Nursing School and Excel

How to Study in Nursing School and Excel Nursing school has been known to have challenging exams. As a student, there’s new material to learn, critical information to memorize, and clinical skills to practice. These are all important components for the average nursing student. Below are great tips that will help you.

Tips to Help You Study in Nursing School

  1. Create quality time to study

The most important part of studying is simply taking the time to do it! Nursing school takes quite a bit of studying outside of the classroom, so scheduling your study time and prioritizing it on a daily basis is crucial.

Focus is crucial for retention and your success in nursing school. Make goals and get rid of distractions, whether that means placing your phone in another room or turning off browser notifications on your laptop or tablet.

  1. Use your nursing school study materials

Many nursing schools offer amazing resources and study tools through their library services staff. These professionals know where to find the information you need and can be an immense help.

  1. Study with a coach

Whether you’re looking to learn effective study strategies, get help with a specific course, or receive advice from someone who’s succeeded in the same classes. Tutors can help students with time management, reading strategies, and class content, among other things.

Not only does tutoring provide educational support, but the time spent talking to another person about your work can even be a lift emotionally—sometimes it just feels good to know you’re not alone in struggling with a concept. Working as a student tutor also comes with benefits.

  1. Follow your instructor’s rubric carefully

When you’ve got a lot of work to do, you’ll want to be smart about your approach. One of the best ways to do that is to follow your instructor’s rubric carefully. When an instructor creates a rubric, they’re not posting it just for their reference—it’s for your benefit. Following the rubric is the key to getting the grades you want and avoiding easy mistakes.

  1. 5. Seek out additional study tools

Don’t limit yourself to the same study tools you’ve used since middle school. Talk to your classmate and try something new! Many nursing school cohorts have Facebook groups or smaller group messages to share study materials and tools. You never know the difference a new tool might make in your studying. For synthesizing and reviewing information, try YouTube.

  1. Practice online learning

Though this might provide an initial challenge for those unfamiliar with online learning and electronic tools, you’ll need these skills for your career. It’s important to remember that future nurses are training for the workplace, where they’ll be using electronic charts and patient-monitoring technology daily.

  1. Don’t burn yourself out

You’re focused on becoming a nurse and that’s great. But keep in mind: Nursing students are human, too. Sometimes you just need a break. Brain breaks are necessary. If you’re in the middle of a long study session, it can help to step away from what you’re doing for a brief regroup. For example, you can grab a snack or watch a quick show.

  1. Use your strengths to your advantage

Nurses come from a variety of different backgrounds with a wide range of amazing personalities. Students know how to use these traits to their advantage. Your own unique character traits can also help you study in nursing school. Stay positive by viewing new material as a challenge. It’s important to stay positive about your ability to learn and remember that your effort will make you a better nurse in the future.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Nursing school can be overwhelming but remember you’re not doing it alone. So who can you ask for help in nursing school? You have a lot of options—faculty, staff and fellow students are all in your corner when it comes to academic help.

It can be intimidating to ask for help, but try to set aside any concerns you have about asking. Reaching out for help means you’re taking control of your learning and putting yourself in the driver’s seat. You can also reach out to your peers. Try making connections and finding a group designated for quizzing one another and talking through tough concepts. You can even study virtually with group chats or other social media-powered tools.

Nursing school can be tough. But with these study tips and the support of faculty, fellow students, and your friends, you have a great shot at succeeding in nursing school. Get some advice on




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