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What to Expect in a Nursing Internship

Understanding how a nursing internship works is a great opportunity for students to deepen knowledge and experience the job market. Internships are practical educational activities, which are supervised by a professional and can be either curricular or extracurricular (or mandatory and non-mandatory).

When it is curricular, it is part of the course subjects and also has the guidance of a teacher. In extracurricular experiences, students work directly for institutions – and it is a way to earn money in college.

Both cases and constitute very rich experiences for those who are in college. Want to know more about it? This article teaches you the importance and functioning of internships, in addition to knowing strategies to find a good internship!

What is the importance of doing an internship in Nursing?

  • There are several reasons that justify the relevance of the internship. One of them is the possibility of getting in touch with different areas of nursing practice. After all, the internship fields involve the places where nurses are working. They can be hospitals, clinics, schools, health posts, etc.
  • The opportunity to experience the professional routine while still in graduation is another great advantage of this experience. Which students do not wish to enter the job market already having practiced in the area? In providing this, the internship is even useful to confirm or refine the choices you have made throughout the course.
  • Another aspect related to the importance of doing an internship in Nursing is the relationship between theory and practice. What is learned in class should serve to train professionals trained for daily work. Therefore, it is always positive when a student can make this relationship through internships.
  • In addition, the real interventions experienced by nurses on a daily basis further expand the knowledge obtained in the course. There are many things to learn, which are enriched in concrete contexts. And that doesn’t just depend on stages.
  • Finally, among the advantages of the internship, we cannot fail to mention its importance for the development of characteristics of the successful professional in the job market. The curriculum of students who took advantage of nursing internship positions becomes more attractive in the search for their first jobs.

How does the nursing internship work?

Now we come to a question that disturbs most undergraduate students: how does the nursing internship work?

My simple answer is, it is something you can cope with.  A nursing internship involves a small practical workload, under the supervision of a professional. Students follow the team’s routine and, over time, carry out activities consistent with their level of knowledge.

This, in general, means that a nursing internship does not include attending and performing direct practices with patients. Everything must be done in a controlled manner, in order to offer the student frequent guidance from trained professionals. Thus, the safety of both the student and patients, and other professionals is guaranteed.

Curricular internships usually take place with a reduced workload – such as one to two shifts a week. Meanwhile, extracurricular experiences can reach 20 hours a week. That is the experience of 5 shifts in the institution.

Among the activities under supervision carried out by the student, the following can be mentioned:

  • Assist in guiding patients regarding nursing practices;
  • Assist in performing simple procedures and administering medicines;
  • Apply vaccines;
  • Perform exam referrals;
  • Participate in the tasks of the bureaucratic routine of the Nursing sector;
  • Be a member of projects that count on the organization or participation of nurses.

In addition, it is part of the internship to follow the other practices of the team and provide assistance. This possibility greatly enriches the intern’s experience, as he really sees in practice how the interaction between nurses, patients, and other health professionals takes place in their various fields of activity.

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