In this video, Sue made sure the class was engaged in the conversation and called on a random student to answer to make sure students were always in focus. She then did an excellent job of re-reading a section from the book that is important and went over that specific part with the class. She walks back and forth making sure the class is doing the assignment while making sure they understand it. I think it is very important that she walks around the classroom so students can feel more comfortable asking for help. Often times I believe students are less likely to ask for help if the teacher is just sitting at their desk not paying attention to the classroom. Afterward, she continues to keep the class discussion going with the students as a whole so they can all engage thoughts together. Her strategy throughout the video was having students listen and when they weren’t listening they were writing down their thoughts and ideas about the text. She had them reflect a ton on their readings and had them put the story into their own words as well.

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