Objectives of this assignment:
Demonstrate an ability to understand and analyze ethical argumentation.
Show ability to compose a strong and clear thesis and defend it in a coherent way, using logic and good grammar. (See document on writing a paper on Canvas.)
Assignment: Write an essay in which you take a stand on any ethical issue related to public health, clinical issues, medical research, health care financing and business – virtually any issue in bioethics. You must make use of at least one scholarly article on the topic. You must use at least 2 sources/articles.
Be careful to document your sources within your essay, not only on the References page at the end. You should cite your source when you are quoting as well as when you are only summarizing from an article. Failure to do so is plagiarism, for which you will be punished severely. Failure to document properly will result in a lower grade. See the Stritch library website – Citation Help
(Links to an external site.)
– for guidance on documenting sources correctly.

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