Module 2 Assignment Required Elements

Introduction (2 – 3 pages double-line spaced; minimum 600 words)

In Introduction section, you will introduce the community college of your choice and provide background information about the college. You should include the following information in the paper (you should address all) :

  • A brief history of the community college
  • Mission and purposes
  • Campus, faculty, and students
  • Degree programs and academic services
  • Reason why you choose this college

You should comply with APA (6th ed.) guidelines. Turnitin® Similarity shouldn’t be higher than 40%. Students at Texas A&M University-Commerce should maintain high standards of integrity and honesty in all of their scholastic work (Refer to the course syllabus “Academic Integrity”).

Case Study Research Paper Grading Rubric


HIED 540 Case Study Research Paper Grading Rubric


Excellent work: well-conceived, logically developed, thoroughly documented, clearly written. Fully meets the Goal of the assignment


Competent work: Needs further development on one or more areas. Generally meets the Goal of the assignment.


Flawed work: One or more serious problems are noted; work is generally not acceptable at the graduate level.

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